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EPIGEN-Brazil Initiative resources: a Latin American imputation panel and the Scientific Workflow

14/06/2018 Por: Instituto Mário Penna Categoria:

EPIGEN-Brazil is one of the largest Latin American initiatives at the interface of human genomics, public health, and computational biology. Here, we present two resources to address two challenges to the global dissemination of precision medicine and the development of the bioinformatics know-how to support it. To address the underrepresentation of non-European individuals in human genome diversity studies, we present the EPIGEN-5M+1KGP imputation panel—the fusion of the public 1000 Genomes Project (1KGP) Phase 3 imputation panel with haplotypes derived from the EPIGEN-5M data set (a product of the genotyping of 4.3 million SNPs in 265 admixed individuals from the EPIGEN-Brazil Initiative). When we imputed a target SNPs data set (6487 admixed individuals genotyped for 2.2 million SNPs from the EPIGEN-Brazil project) with the EPIGEN-5M+1KGP panel, we gained 140,452 more SNPs in total than when using the 1KGP Phase 3 panel alone and 788,873 additional high confidence SNPs (info score ≥ 0.8). Thus, the major effect of the inclusion of the EPIGEN-5M data set in this new imputation panel is not only to gain more SNPs but also to improve the quality of imputation. To address the lack of transparency and reproducibility of bioinformatics protocols, we present a conceptual Scientific Workflow in the form of a website that models the scientific process (by including publications, flowcharts, masterscripts, documents, and bioinformatics protocols), making it accessible and interactive. Its applicability is shown in the context of the development of our EPIGEN-5M+1KGP imputation panel. The Scientific Workflow also serves as a repository of bioinformatics resources.

Published in Advance June 14, 2018doi:10.1101/gr.225458.117

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